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Potato salad with smoked fish and olives

Potato salad with smoked fish and olives

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To be honest, I made this salad a few times and I intend to repeat it, it is delicious, a perfect combination of subtle and sensitive flavors, it makes me think of Russia and the winters with a lot of snow. I took the recipe from a good and dear friend Medi, whose dishes always fascinate me: they are full of taste and flavors and especially made with love.

  • a few boiled red potatoes (I steamed them),
  • a smoked mackerel,
  • a red onion cut into thin strips,
  • a handful of black olives,
  • olive oil,
  • salt and freshly ground pepper,
  • finely chopped green parsley (I also added a dill)

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Potato salad with smoked fish and olives:

Preparation: cut the potatoes into larger cubes (I cut them with a corrugated plate) and place them as a base layer. We add over them the fish cut into thin strips and the olives.

At the end add the sliced ​​onions. I left the onion with a little salt, oil and vinegar before taking a little of the strength, plus I like the marinade like that. Add the chopped greens and season with salt, pepper and a thin drizzle of olive oil.

I served it decorated with a cherry tomato cut in 4 and with a little dill on top. Because "it was required" I also made a mulled wine. It was a real feast, on a snowy winter day…. I invite you to test the recipe and it will surely delight you, I also made it with mackerel and a few slices of smoked salmon but I preferred to present it in classical variant to the Medi.

Salad with smoked fish and olives

Salad with smoked fish and olives from: smoked fish, potatoes, onions, vinegar, olives, paprika, oil, salt, pepper.


  • 2 smoked fish
  • 5-6 potatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 100 ml vinegar
  • 100 g sliced ​​olives
  • a powder of buoy
  • a little oil
  • salt
  • pepper

Method of preparation:

The potatoes are washed very well and boiled in their skins. Onions are cleaned, washed and cut into large slices that are boiled with vinegar and 100 ml of water.

Meanwhile, the fish is being cleaned of bones. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the oil. Add boiled and drained onions and olives.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika and mix gently. Place the fish on top and serve.


Step 1

Russian salad with fish

Russian salad is similar to the traditional beef salad with boiled vegetables, cut into cubes of the same size, mixed with mayonnaise. Boil the vegetables in salted water, cool and cut into cubes as desired, larger or smaller.

Mix together with mayonnaise: you can mix all the vegetables in a bowl with mayonnaise or you can keep the vegetables separate for a layered salad. It is important that the vegetables are cooked properly and cooled immediately under running cold water.

To keep the potatoes firm, put a little freshly squeezed lemon juice in the pot in which it boils. As soon as the vegetables are cooled, they should be cut into cubes and mixed with mayonnaise, then placed in a layered glass bowl or simply mixed.

You can place the carrots on the first layer, then the potatoes, the peas, the beets and on top of the very lightly chopped tuna fillet. Serve cold from the refrigerator. Good appetite!

Potato salad & # 8211 German recipe

German cuisine brings together a multitude of delicious and filling dishes, which do not require much effort. The same principle applies to German potato salad, a dish known as & ldquoKartoffelsalat & rdquo in this country. Kartoffelsalat is a salad extremely simple, but very tasty that can be served either cold or hot.

Authentic German salad is usually served straight appetizer during meals and is loved by everyone, the Germans and the rest of the world alike. & ldquoThe main character & rdquo of this salad is, of course, the potato. Traditionally, potato salad is made with red potatoes or small golden potatoes, and the peel is not removed to get a more interesting texture.

Let's find out what are the ways to prepare the traditional German potato salad! Before we get started, you need to know that there are two very different ways to prepare it depending on the region.

In the northern part of Germany, potato salad is made from potatoes and mayonnaise. It's a little more & ldquogrea & rdquo and satiated than a normal salad, but it's very delicious anyway.

In the southern part of Germany we will find a traditional salad made of potatoes, pieces of bacon, vinegar and the most important ingredient: Dijon mustard! This type of salad is full of unique flavors and is just as good when served cold as well as hot. You can serve it according to your preferences, there is no general rule for this.

Today, the southern way of preparing potato salad is considered to be the authentic variant of German potato salad.

And because potato salad is such a tasty and popular dish, it has been "borrowed" by other countries as well. For example, the Nordic way of preparing this salad (with mayonnaise) is often found in America since the 19th century! Over time, Americans have come to regard this recipe as American and it has been appreciated by the people of the entire country.

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is very easy to make, which makes it perfect for dinners during the week or for a quick lunch when you are out of time! You can even add potato salad to the weekend meal prep plan & ndash so you can prepare a larger amount of salad to serve in the coming days, either as a side dish or as a main course, if you wish.

For this recipe I chose to create a vegan version of the potato salad from southern Germany. To achieve this, we used a combination of smoked tofu and spices to replace the bacon pieces, to which we added the classic red potatoes, mustard, vinegar and other essential ingredients that you can find in the recipe below. The outcome? A filling and extra fragrant salad that can be served for the holidays, at a picnic or on any other day when you need a comforting meal.

You can serve this salad hot on cold winter days or cold on hot summer days. I enjoy cooking!


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