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Clafoutis with white grapes to red grapes

Clafoutis with white grapes to red grapes

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Beat eggs at high speed in the mixer with salt, sugar and vanilla sugar.

We reduce the speed, we add the milk, then the flour mixing continuously and we obtain a liquid dough, like pancakes.

Grease a heat-resistant form with margarine, place some fruit in the form, pour the mixture and sprinkle the rest of the fruit over the mixture.

Shape in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes, until the dessert is nicely browned.

Remove the form from the oven, powder the dessert with powdered sugar, let it cool completely, portion and serve.

Good appetite!

How to make wine

Vineyards are a critical determinant in the wines of finished products for each vintage. The vineyards are like the wine bassinets, where the grape vine begins early and blooms, because all the wines are really multiplied on the vine. The location of the vineyards, the climate, the land, the soils, the vines and rootstocks, the irrigation systems and the pest management control all aspects of the final product in one way or another. Sun exposure and weather on vines play a key role in grape development and specific sugar levels.

Vinification begins with the annual grape harvest and can be done either with mechanical harvesting equipment (usually the simplest for vineyards located on relatively flat land), or with manual harvesting. Manual harvesting provides a more precise selection and often does a better job of protecting the grape juice content from oxidation due to damaged skin. Mechanical harvesters offer a more efficient process, often cost-effective, and are suitable for large vineyards that are on a flat ground. The type of harvest - manual harvesting, mechanical harvesters or a combination of the two, is largely influenced by the final objectives of the wine, as well as the budget.

Crushing and Destemming

After the grapes have been harvested, it is often insane madness to destroy and destabilize them. The crushing goal is not to squeeze all the juice from the grapes, but to divide the outer skin and allow the juice to begin to run away, giving the sugar in the juice the first chance to mix with the natural yeast found on the skin of the grapes. It is the combination of yeast and sugar that produces wine alcohol, through yeast that converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. & quotCrush & quot happens in one of two ways - again by mechanical means, with a hard spiraling steel roll or with a more traditional approach that you see in all the fun Italian movies - the famous & quotstomp & quot of grapes.

At this point, the grape stalks are separated from the juice or "must", as is done in this phase of the game. This is also the place where red wine grapes and white wine grapes take different paths. If a wine is intended to be a red wine, then grape skins (not the juice, which is practically clear) that provide the color characteristics and tannin contributions to a red wine. However, if the purpose is a white wine, then the grape skins are removed along with the stems at this stage of the process and the grapes are pressed before fermentation.

Fermentation of wine

Ahhh, fermentation - this is the phase of the winemaking process that really makes the wine on its way to its destination. glass! During fermentation, grape sugars are converted to alcohol (especially ethyl alcohol) and carbon dioxide, along with some residual heat that needs to be monitored to prevent flavor distortion. The process of fermenting red wine usually takes place in stainless steel containers, large vessels or oak barrels. Maceration is essentially the contact phase - where the must and grape skins have maximum contact to produce a good red wine color, structural tannins and extensive components of aroma and nuances. The more red wine grapes are in contact with grape skins, the more wine will be.

White wine fermentation often takes place in stainless steel tanks with low heat levels that are closely monitored and oxygen levels strictly protected (to prevent rapid oxidation). Chardonnay is an exception, some winemakers prefer to hold Chardonnay juice in closed oak barrels for fermentation to influence the development of flavors.

If during the fermentation process the grapes were not ripe enough, sugar can be added to the must to increase the alcohol levels in the final product, this addition being called "enrichment". The acid can also be added to the must, if the acidity is low, this is obviously called "acidification". Also, with the fermentation of white wine, an additional step called "yeast agitation" is added. This step involves mixing the residual yeast which is left after fermentation to obtain more flavors.


Pressing, usually done immediately after crushing white grapes and fermenting red wine grapes, basically takes the solids of sticky grapes left either from crushing or fermentation, and squeezing them to obtain a very thick liquid that can be used to enhance both the color and aroma of the presumed wine to be.

Malolactic fermentation

Malolactic fermentation is a process by which lactic acid bacteria convert harsher malic acids (think of green apple weeds) into lactic acid juice (think creamy milk) to produce a softer mouthfeel and, in general, a paler presence of the palace. Most red wines go through a malolactic fermentation to reduce their acidity, and some white wines with fuller peaks are sent through malolactic fermentation (usually in barrels) to multiply them a little more.

Maturation of wine

The maturation phase of vinification is, in essence, an extension of the journey of wine from vine to glass. When you think about the maturation process of wine, the traditional oak barrels inevitably come, and for a good reason, both French and American oak are the most common containers for the maturation process to take place. Oak provides protection, shares the aroma and allows small amounts of oxygen to penetrate through the barrels, both to lighten the tannins tighter in a red wine and to create a complexity of aromas in red and white wines.

The other option for maturation is a stainless steel tank. This option is becoming more and more popular because it is inert, economical, because it no longer needs to be replaced after so many years in rotation and it is very easy to maintain. To compensate for the lack of oak in stainless steel tanks, some manufacturers supplement the process by adding oak chips to the film juice for the & oak effect quote & quot.

Racking is the process of moving the juice from one barrel to another, which offers two key advantages:

  1. The juice is separated from the bottom layer of sediment, which could adversely affect the final flavor.
  2. The wine undergoes a bit of aeration to open up aromas and to allow further development.

Finishing: Finishing and filtering

The finishing process involves several critical components. First, the finishing and filtering of the wine (collectively referred to as "clarification") removes the vast majority of unwanted particles that still live in the wine. Egg whites are often used in the finishing phase to bind the small drops in the wine and weigh them so that they reach the bottom of the cylinder and can be separated from the wine.

Filtration is the process of removing larger solids, such as dead yeast cells and other particles, so that the wine is no longer cloudy, but bright and clear, as the consumer would expect.

Mixing wines

Mixing the wine can be as simple as taking two separate wines and mixing them to complicate things up a bit by taking several varieties from several regions and mixing them to make a new wine with a unique aroma experience. It is assumed that it takes a lot of experience and a very refined taste to successfully blend wines for today's world market. The winemaker can mix the wines for several reasons: to adjust the pH, acidity, alcohol levels, tannin content or to improve the color, aroma or aroma.

Bottling of wine

Finally, the bottling phase of winemaking - the end is in sight! The combination of wines today is done by mechanical bottling lines. Smaller wine producers can rent bottling facilities that can be transported to the winery for the season, while larger properties have glass lines on site. As for the process itself, the wine bottle is slowly filled and coated with nitrogen or carbon dioxide, to remove any oxygen that may remain on the filling line.

The bottle is then covered with a traditional cork or a modern screw, depending on the traditions and philosophies of winemaking. Then, the bottles have their unique characteristic labels slapped and moved to go either further aging of the bottles or directly to the housing to be distributed.

And so the wine is made!

There you have it, I pretty much summarized the key components of winemaking. If you have more detailed questions or want more information about the different stages and components of the winemaking process, do not hesitate to give up the wine forum.

Maria Secrieriu recipe: Chicken with champagne and white grapes with boiled potato garnish

"It's just me and my ideas in the kitchen, it's my little universe," Maria confessed. And her recipe managed to convince the jurors to give her the apron.

Chicken with champagne and white grapes

Beat the chicken fillets lightly, season with a little salt and pepper and nutmeg. In a tablespoon of olive oil fry the chicken on both sides, 1-2 minutes on each side. Then add the champagne and let it boil. We turn the chicken on both sides.

After 3 minutes, add the grapes and let them boil for a maximum of 2 minutes, always stirring the sauce. Then remove the boiled grapes in a bowl and cover to stay hot.

We continue to boil the chicken until the sauce decreases. Then add the sweet cream and mix. The fire must be kept to a minimum at this stage. When the sauce is homogeneous, add the secret ingredient.

The secret of the taste of champagne sauce is honey. So put half a teaspoon and mix well. We stop the fire and. ready.

For the gasket:

Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and boil them in salted water. In a non-abrasive pan with higher walls, like a wok, put 50 gr butter in the heat. After the potatoes have boiled, drain them well in a sieve and carefully put in the pan, stir from time to time taking care not to crush, until browned. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.

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Marinated tomatoes with grapes - a delicious preserve that will pamper you next winter!

Today we offer you an excellent recipe for marinating tomatoes. To prepare it, you need small, hard tomatoes and white, sweet-sour grapes. Marinated tomatoes can be served as a cold appetizer or as a garnish for meat dishes - both on festive and everyday meals. And pickled grapes can be used to prepare sofas and decorate festive platters. And the extraordinary taste of the marinade cannot even be described in words!

This marinade recipe does not require sterilization.


-2 parsley twigs (optional)

-water - enough to fill the jars


1. Remove the tomato stalks (hard-textured) and wash them under running water.

2. Wash very well and dry the white grapes.

3. Wash and sterilize 2 liter jars beforehand. Burn the lids with boiling water.

4. Place 2 cloves of garlic, a currant leaf, a sprig of parsley, a dill umbrella and 2 rings of hot peppers on the bottom of each jar.

5.Then add the tomatoes, putting small bunches of grapes between them, until you fill the jars (up to the neck). Tomatoes and grapes should be placed fairly compactly, but be careful not to overdo it, so that the berries do not crack.

6. Add 5 black peppercorns to each jar.

7. Divide the required amounts of salt and sugar in half. Add them to the jars.

8. Boil the water and pour it into jars so that it completely covers the tomatoes and grapes. Cover them with clean lids.

9. In 15 minutes, drain the cooled water from the jars into a saucepan and bring it to the boil. As it will only boil, turn off the heat and add the required amount of vinegar. Stir.

10.Pour the marinade into jars. Then cover them with lids, closing them tightly.

11.Turn the jars with the lids down and wrap them in a warm blanket. Let them rest until their contents have cooled completely.

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The benefits of grapes & # 8211 why it is recommended to eat grapes

Consumption of grapes protects the cardiovascular system

In the composition of grapes, especially in black grapes, we find the most powerful antioxidant, namely resveratrol. It triggers the secretion of the hormone adiponectin in the body, and this prevents the development of many types of heart disease and protects blood vessels. Regular consumption of grapes reduces the risk of inflammation, improves the way the body processes glucose or insulin, and the seeds of the seeds are extremely rich in beneficial oils and protect against blood clots.

Grapes help in the detoxification process

Grapes contain antioxidants and active substances that directly help detoxify the colon, liver and kidneys. It is consumed whole with peel and seeds and can be introduced into detoxification cures, either in the form of juice or in its pure state. Grapes are also rich in water, and this helps maintain the optimal level of hydration and a healthy intestinal transit.

Consumption of grapes prevents aging

The vitamins in the composition of the grapes help to protect the skin and implicitly to delay the premature aging process. For this reason, grapes are often used in cosmetic treatments.

Grapes benefit & # 8211 give you energy

Grapes are an important supplier of tone and energy due to the B vitamin, but also to the carbohydrates in the composition. The carbohydrate content is assimilated immediately by the body, and this helps a perfect functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

See also the best grape compote recipes

Grapes are a reliable ally in diets

Due to the low number of calories, grapes are ideal for consumption in weight loss diets. It is recommended to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, but also to accelerate metabolism. A grape cure can help you lose as much as 5 kg in a week.

Grapes have an anti-stress effect

Grapes are a significant source of fructose and glucose, but also sugars that are easily assimilated by the body. Consumption of grapes increases the secretion of serotonin, also called the hormone of happiness, and this breaks down any nervous tension.

Grapes protect eyesight

Due to the intake of resveratrol, but also of pycnogenol, a substance that has a role in the antioxidant process, regular consumption of black grapes helps prevent retinal damage and macular degeneration.

Grapes & # 8211 health benefits

Grape skins beautify the skin

From a medicinal point of view, the husks that remain after squeezing the grapes are the most active part of the grapes. The bark contains tannins, substances that have a healing, astringent and antiseptic effect. Grape skins can be applied directly to the face and left on for about 30 minutes.

Grapes protect against infections

Especially red grapes have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and this helps the body fight infections. Consumption of grapes strengthens the immune system.

Grapes fight migraines

Ripe grape juice, but also the consumption of grapes is an effective remedy against migraines.

Grapes can treat asthma attacks

Because they also have therapeutic qualities, grapes can be an adjunct to cure asthma. Consumption of grapes can increase the level of moisture in the lungs.

Consumption of grapes lowers blood cholesterol levels

Grapes along with their kernels help lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Grapes have a laxative effect

If consumed in large quantities, but for a short period of time, grapes can have a laxative effect. They encourage the gastric system to eliminate toxins, thus getting rid of bloating and constipation.

Grapes can relieve the symptoms of diseases associated with old age

Following several studies, researchers have revealed that thanks to resveratrol, grapes can be a treatment to relieve hot flashes, to treat Alzheimer's disease, but also to improve blood sugar control.

Black grapes are recommended for strengthening the bone system

Due to the content of calcium and minerals, the consumption of black grapes is beneficial for improving the bone system. Grapes also help increase the supply of calcium, iron and manganese, forces necessary for increased strength of bones and joints.

Black grapes improve brain health

They contain folic acid and B vitamins, and this makes grapes a staple food for improving cognitive processes, but also for mental agility.

Grapes help prevent cancer

Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol, grape consumption can be effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. The anthocyanins in the composition of grapes inhibit the development of agents that can cause cancer, and the consumption of grape juice prevents the development and spread of cancer cells.

Grapes improve the immune system

Grapes contain many vitamins that are beneficial to the body, including vitamins A, C and K. They improve the functioning of many systems in the human body, but especially the immune system. Consuming grapes can help you stay away from the flu and cold.

Fight diabetes

Grape consumption fights diabetes by lowering blood sugar. Resveratrol in their composition increases insulin resistance, and this increases the body's ability to consume glucose.

Grapes benefit & # 8211 reduce blood pressure

Grapes are high in potassium and are recommended for people with high blood pressure. Grapes combat the effects of sodium on the body.

Grape consumption & # 8211 health benefits

So, I introduce the consumption of grapes in my daily diet this fall, and the benefits will not be long in coming.

How to make dessert from white grape beans in Vodka and Prosecco

Bunches of white grapes they will be cleaned grain by grain, put in a strainer and washed under a stream of cold water.

The white grapes washed, will be transferred from the strainer into a large vessel with lagi walls, then added Vodka and Prosecco sparkling wine and put the dish in the fridge for approx 1-2 hours (to soak the grapes well in alcohol).

After the time allotted for the maceration of the grapes in alcohol, the vessel will be removed from the refrigerator, the grapes will be removed from the alcohol with a pallet with holes and placed in a separate bowl, following that each grape seed to be rolled through caster sugar, put in a deep bowl and serve at festive meal with friends or at a regular weekend meeting with friends over a cocktail.

Grape pie

In a hollow made of sifted flour, pour the beaten egg with the sugar and vanilla sugar, the margarine for baking and cooking, cut into cubes and a pinch of salt. Quickly knead a dough, then cover it with a transparent foil and let it cool for 30 minutes.

For the filling, beat the yolks with the powdered sugar until it melts, then mix everything lightly with the cream and flour.

Wash the grapes and peel them with a needle. Roll out the dough into a 5 mm thin sheet and place it in the stove pan greased with margarine and lined with flour. Pour the cream, then place the grapes, alternating colors and sprinkle sliced ​​walnuts. Bake the dough in a very hot oven, on the right heat, for 45-50 minutes.

Allow the pie to cool, then cut it into slices and powder it with vanilla sugar, after which you can consume it (if you want you can put 1 -2 tablespoons of whipped cream on top)

Local grapes on the market in Ungheni

White and red grapes harvested by local farmers appeared on the market in Ungheni. The product is of good quality, packed in slat boxes. Sells manufacturers from Nisporeni, Ungheni. Intermediaries sell grapes imported from Turkey.
The selling price of white grapes ranges between 20.00 and 25.00 lei / kg, and of red grapes is 25.00 lei / kg. Intermediaries sell imported red grapes for 35.00 lei / kg. Grapes were also registered on the markets of Balti and Chisinau. On the agricultural market in Balti the grapes were sold at a price of 20.00 lei / kg, and on the market in Chisinau the sale price was 15.00 lei / kg. The selling price of grapes on the market in Ungheni is at the level of last year. On the Chisinau market the price is 57% lower than in the same period last year and on the Balti market by (-9%). (Details:
On the markets of Poland (Bronishe) the grapes are sold with 2.40 EUR / kg (equivalent to 36.89 lei / kg), on the markets of Ukraine (Copani and Lvov) the price is 30.00 UAH / kg (45.30 lei / kg) and 31.00 UAH / kg (46.81 lei / kg), respectively.
Market operators claim that prices will decrease as the supply of grapes on the market increases.
Source: AGROinform, Ungheni

Red grape juice

red grape juice
A diet rich in fruit juices could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other chronic diseases, a study by a team of researchers at Glasgow University showed. [..]

Red grape jam

red grape juice
Red grape jam is one of the autumn jams, very fragrant and tasty. [..] Other information about: grapes, recipes, jam, jams and preserves, grape jam, red grapes

The benefits of eating grapes

red grape juice
Grapes are the fruits - the star of autumn, juicy, fragrant and fragrant. But, in addition to good taste, grapes have many beneficial properties for the human body, which protects them from a number of diseases. [..] Other information about: health, grapes, diet and nutrition, grape consumption benefits

Calories 100% white grape juice

red grape juice
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Lose 3 pounds in 5 days with the help of a grape diet

red grape juice
Grapes contain only 69 calories per gram. For this reason they are ideal in diets, especially because they are diuretic fruits and help eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, they are very good antioxidants. Here's how grapes help you lose 3 pounds in just 5 days. [..] Other information about: grape diet, diet, grapes

Grape juice against heart disease

red grape juice
French researchers at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg have announced that grape juice has the same beneficial effect on heart disease as red wine. Thus, the positive effect of [..]

Tomato juice with lemon and onion

red grape juice
If you want to make a new recipe for tomato juice, try a spicy one with hot peppers, onions and lemon. The recipe is simple, and the preparation is done quickly. [..] Other information about: tomatoes, juice, lemon

Grape juice is good for the heart

red grape juice
A glass of red grape juice a day will make you see life in pink. At least that's what a group of British researchers say. They found that the juice from this fruit is the most effective [..]

The grape diet will get rid of 3 kilograms in 5 days

red grape juice
Grapes are very helpful for those who want to keep a diet, because they contain 75% water! Autumn star fruits contribute to a better hydration of the body and help you get over the moments when you are hungry. [..] Other information about: grape diet, weight loss, diet, weight loss

How to make salads specific to the cold season

red grape juice
If you like salads, you don't have to give them up just because summer is over. There are a lot of foods to use in preparing salads for the cold season. [..] Other information about: cooking tips, salad, salad recipes

Apple juice, grapes and ginger

red grape juice
Take advantage of the autumn fruits to prepare a tasty drink right in your kitchen. Use apples, grapes, lemons and limes, then add a spicy taste with a little ginger. [..] Other information about: ginger, juice, grapes, apples, fruits

Pina Colada cocktail fruit salad

red grape juice
Are you bored of the classic fruit salads? Why not try a new fruit salad recipe with Pina Colada cocktail sauce. It is refreshing and can be the perfect dessert after a hard day's work. [..] Other information about: pina colada, fruit salad networks, fruit salad, fruit salad

The best juices for weight loss

red grape juice
An effective way to lose extra pounds is to reduce the consumption of sweets and carbonated drinks. You can replace these drinks with natural fruit and vegetable juices. Natural juices will help you lose weight, hydrate and bring to the body an important intake of vitamins and nutrients. [..] Other information about: juices, weight loss, weight loss, natural juices, fruit juices, vegetable juices

Peeled red calories whole in Winny tomato juice

red grape juice
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Rocket salad, shrimp and grapes

red grape juice
Arugula, shrimp and grape salad is easy to prepare, healthy and tasty. It is refreshing and ideal for family dinners. [..] Other information about: grapes, shrimp, arugula, shrimp salad

Chicken salad with grapes and nuts

red grape juice
Chicken salad with grapes and nuts is very easy to prepare and ideal for moments when you feel like something refreshing and tasty. Serve with toast. [..] Other information about: grapes, recipes, nuts, chicken salad, salads

Terrine with berries and bananas

red grape juice
Terrine with berries and bananas is a refreshing and fragrant dessert. It is ideal for hot summer days. It cooks quickly, but requires more time in the cold. It can also be served with vanilla ice cream. [..] Other information about: berries, bananas, terrine

The beauty of grapes

red grape juice
Grapes, rich in mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements, make the skin young and velvety. An easy-to-make mask at home is made from two tablespoons of yogurt and grape juice. The cream is [..]

Recipe by Saints Michael and Gabriel: grape and apple juice

red grape juice
Prepare a dish for you and your loved ones from autumn fruits. Mix grapes, lemon and apples. Then add a little ginger, for a slightly pungent, unique taste. Dilute with mineral water and you will get a perfect drink for the whole family. [..] Other information about: saints mihail and gavril, juice, grapes, ginger, apples, lemon, recipes saints mihail and gavril

13 natural juices ideal for your health

red grape juice
If you feel tired all day and have no strength to do anything, you should take action immediately. The easiest way to energize your body is to consume natural juices. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruit and vegetable juices can give you the energy you need to cope with all the tasks of the day. They help you get rid of fatigue and regain your zest for life. [..] Alte informatii despre: sucuri sanatoase , sucuri naturale , sucuri , sanatate

Strugurii curata tenul

suc de struguri rosii
Sucul de struguri da luminozitate tenului si reduce aparitia comedoanelor (punctelor negre), care apar in special pe laturile nasului, frunte sau barbie. Sunt de un real folos celor care sufera de [..]

Dieta vegetariana a zodiilor: ce sa mananci pentru a fi in forma

suc de struguri rosii
Daca te-ai hotarat sa urmezi o dieta vegetariana temporar sau permanent, probabil ca te afli in cautarea unor planuri nutritionale potrivite nevoilor tale. Astrologia iti furnizeaza informatii importante despre ce poti sa mananci pentru a fi in forma, chiar si in cazul unui regim vegetarian. In acelasi timp, semnul zodiacal in care te-ai nascut ar trebui sa stea departe de anumite categorii de alimente. Iata ce trebuie sa consume zodia ta, din randul alimentelor vegetale! [..] Alte informatii despre: astrologie , horoscop , zodii , dieta , dieta zodii , dieta vegetariana

Cinci supe pe care le poti pregati fara foc

suc de struguri rosii
In zilele in care temperaturile depasesc 35 de grade Celsius, statul in fata focului pentru a pregati supe sau ciorbe este ultimul lucru pe care ti-l doresti. Exista insa posibilitatea de a gati supe care nu necesita fierbere. Ele nu doar ca sunt o buna sursa de vitamine si minerale. [..] Alte informatii despre: supa , gatit , supa rece , sfaturi culinare

Cura de struguri energizeaza organismul

suc de struguri rosii
Boabele de struguri au efecte depurative si laxative Savuroasele fructe fluidizeaza sangele si au o actiune tonica asupra ficatului. Savuroasele boabe de strugure au virtuti medicale pe care nimeni [..]

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